The Rhino Card is the only card available to access your Rhino Bucks, issued exclusively to SMFA at Tufts students, staff, and faculty. It offers a prepaid convenient account for making purchases on campus and around Boston. All students, faculty, and staff at SMFA are currently eligible to receive a Rhino Card from the Office of Student Affairs.
Students will receive their Rhino Card during orientation. Otherwise, cards are issued and distributed at the Office of Student Affairs.
Immediately report a lost or stolen card to the Office of Student Affairs at (617) 627-0050. To deactivate your Rhino Bucks account, click here or call 877-879-3353. Replacement cards are issued at the Office of Student Affairs. A $30 fee will be charged to replace your card. Please consult the SMFA Student Handbook for more information.
Your 16-digit Rhino Bucks number is located on the back of your Rhino Card and uniquely identifies your prepaid spending account.
Rhino Bucks and the Rhino Bucks associated with your meal plan are accessed by your SMFA Rhino Card issued at the SMFA Office of Student Affairs. The meals that come with your Meal Plan are accessed by your Tufts ID Card.

Students living in the residence hall are encouraged to participate in the school meal plan as residence halls are not equipped with cooking facilities. Meal Plans do not roll over.

Rhino Bucks is a pre-paid spending account offering a safe and convenient way to make purchases on campus and around Boston. It is designed to eliminate the need to carry cash. You or your parents must add funds to Rhino Bucks before using it for purchases. Value in Rhino Bucks rolls over from semester to semester and from year to year. The value in the complimentary Rhino Bucks received with the meal plan must be used in the semester they are awarded or will expire.
Rhino Bucks is a cashless, prepaid spending account on your Rhino Card that is accepted on the SMFA campus and around Boston. You must add funds to your account before using Rhino Bucks to make purchases and have sufficient funds available in your account to pay for each transaction. Every time you use your Rhino Bucks account, the amount of the transaction will be deducted from your account and you may not spend more value than you have. Unused balances roll over semester to semester and year to year. The funds in the complimentary Rhino Bucks received with the meal plan must be used in the semester they are awarded or will expire.
Funds transferred by debit/credit card and cash are available instantly.
Rhino Bucks can be used at many campus locations and at off campus businesses. These can be identified by the “Welcomed” sign featuring the Rhino Card and Rhino Bucks logo. Click here for a complete list of accepting locations.
At retail locations, Rhino Bucks works much like a debit or credit card. Just present your Rhino Card for payment to the attendant at the register. Your card will be swiped in a terminal and the transaction authorized. You may be asked to sign a printed receipt of the approved transaction. At self-service locations, simply insert your card in the terminal.
If the self-service machine does not work properly, you will not be charged for the transaction. If for any reason you are charged, please email us for a refund request. Please include the location, date & time of the transaction(s) in question.
Cardholder suggestions are welcome and encouraged. Recommendations can be sent via e-mail to our recruitment department. Please include the name of the location and why you would like to see them join the program.
Go to Rhino Bucks Cardholder Account Center. Under the Login button, click [Forgot your username or password?] and follow the instructions.
Yes, it is secured via 128 Bit SSL Encryption so you can manage your account with confidence.
The Terms and Conditions outline program policies and terms of use for the Rhino Bucks account. They are available for review via a link in the footer of every page on this site.
You may receive a refund of a remaining account balance in your Rhino Bucks when you graduate, withdraw or leave SMFA at Tufts. Proof of withdrawal or dismissal is required. Refund requests must be submitted in writing to the school’s card program service provider by emailing mycard@rhinocard.com.

Please see Section 20: Account Refunds in the Terms & Conditions for further details.

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